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China is famous for Confucianism which was long the basis for ruling the country. Through thousands of years under this moral system, we accomplished tremendous achievements and accumulated many cultural treasures. But as time has gone by, we’ve started to lose the senses of virtue and morality, and economic development has contributed to a loss of public spirit and responsibility.

As descendants of the Yandi and Huangdi emperors, we burden the responsibility to bring back the moral and cultural treasures we used to have. “LoveGreenGuide” connects the impact of reputation and rewards with morality through the assistance of modern technology. It helps to restrain poor behavior by inviting the public’s assistance.

Dear members:

Welcome to the “LoveGreenGuide” family. First, accept our deep appreciation for joining us to improve the environment. Your help increases our strength and adds confidence to our path forward.

An old Chinese saying says that trust comes first.

Trust is the most valuable treasure, and the purpose for this website is to provide a platform to share and upload information about protecting the environment. However, under the current social environment we also have to ensure the accuracy of information being spread.

That is why we publish the “ LoveGreenGuide Member Trust Agreement” and “User Information Protection Notice”.

LoveGreenGuide Member Trust Agreement

The sole purpose of this website is to provide an information-communication platform. Users can register with their email and post comments. To protect the user’s information security, we ensure that:

  1. We will take users’ personal information (including account, email and comments) as our priority to protect.
  2. All information filled by users will protected by the company.
  3. The company will list the full and detailed process of collecting and securing information to ensure the safety of users’ information.
  4. We will make a set of rules restricting access to information and limiting the number of employees able to access the user’s information.
  5. If a user violates Chinese laws, we will provide the information under the legal process only within the requirements of the laws and the judicial authority. All these procedures must be taken in accordance with the appropriate official and lawful documents and legal method. We will do our best to protect users’ personal information.
  6. We will never provide users’ information to any unofficial government or non-judicial authority organization or person.

The Announcement about personal information security


Our purpose is to build a website with credibility and trust. We will ensure the accuracy of the website and protect the rights for all users, employees and related companies.

This is an unofficial independent website and we appreciate your joining. If you have information about a serious environmental or illegal incident, please contact the police department immediately. Meanwhile, you are also welcome to post the incident on our website.

If any content in this agreement conflicts with Chinese laws, we take the Chinese laws as the standard.


As a member of LoveGreenGuide, I promise to:

  1. Maintain the high quality and accuracy of the website, and affirm that trust comes first.
  2. Refuse to be involved in any untruthful comment activity and contact the website if I see any untruthful information.

As a member of LoveGreenGuide, I promise not to partake in:

  1. Any activity which involves untruthful comments for the purpose of profit.
  2. Any aggressive or illegal activity on the website.
  3. Any activity that impacts the accuracy, fairness and order of the website.

As a member of LoveGreenGuide, I promise not to partake in:

  1. Follow all laws relate to information security.
  2. Not be involved in any illegal activity.

Please maintain the accuracy of the website and to keep this site a pure and truthful information exchange platform.

If we find any unallowed actions, we will respond on the basis of the information available to us and our investigation. We will punish anyone who violates the laws and our policies as follows:

  1. Delete comments in question and send out a warning to related persons.
  2. Delete all comments and pictures by the user and lower the credit level of the account.
  3. For users who are involved, their account will be marked with a sign saying “has published untruthful comments”. The time period for this posting will be determined by us.
  4. Repeated disallowed actions and activities will cause us to close the account permanently.

Addition: If the disallowed activity (comments or pictures) violates Chinese laws, we will hand over to the police department and related company as evidence. All of these will be done only under legal methods.

Just as a beautiful and harmonious society is created together, our website also depends on your participation. We appreciate your joining and hope for your help to maintain the accuracy of this website!

All of the above is adopted on Oct 12, 2015 and effective immediately.

All members will obey the agreements above from this moment.

This agreement is provided in Chinese and English. The Chinese version is the authority.

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